A must-do inspection when purchasing a vehicle, and you need expert vehicle inspectors for this purpose. And, this is where the Guru Auto Services comes in handy for you. Our experienced vehicle inspectors will thoroughly analyze the condition of the used vehicle that you wish to make yours. Remember, a reliable and a trustworthy auto service company is all you need here, and we can fulfill it for you.

No matter the vehicle type; local, European, or Japanese; we know all of it. Our comprehensive pre-purchase checklist covers all of it, from tires to the engine. N.B. we check for over 150 components of the vehicle for you. Don’t worry! The report won’t seem like rocket science; we prepare it in an easy-to-understand way. We will come to the doorstep of the vehicle seller for you!

Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

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What we inspect for you

  • Any damages to bodywork panels.
  • Doors and lock operation condition.
  • Glass and mirrors.
  • Interior condition.
  • Damages to lamps and trims.
  • Operation of exterior and interior lights.
  • Condition of seat belts.
  • ABS, airbags, and warning lights.
  • Suspension shocks operation.
  • Horn functioning.
  • Wipers and windscreen washers.
  • Temperature, charge, and oil indicators.

Well, these are not all we inspect for you. In summary, we make sure that you get the BEST vehicle for what you pay to the seller. Also, the report we provide you is a 100% accurate one; hence even the seller can’t argue on it with you. So, if you are a vehicle buyer looking for a top-class pre-purchase vehicle inspection service provider in the Melbourne region; you just found the BEST in the city. Call us today!