Electrical system faults are pretty common, and these problems can lead to further costly repairs. Battery charging, malfunctioned lights/ indicators, battery failures, and engine not starting are the side effects of faults in the electrical system. You need a full-service vehicle repair to rectify these faults, and here at Guru Auto Services, we can fulfill all of it for you. The starter, alternator, and the battery are the primary components of the electrical system. A fault in one of these principal components will make your vehicle fail to work correctly.

Auto Electrical

Our qualified electricians will perform a comprehensive inspection and rectify all faults efficiently for you. Well, a few signs are there that you shouldn’t ignore that hint electrical system failures.

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  • Damaged battery.
  • Engine doesn’t start.
  • Dimming of headlights, dashboard, and brake lights while driving.

So, if you notice any of these signs; contact us immediately!

  • Burning smell.
  • Brake lights not working.
  • Grinding or clicking noises when turning the ignition.

Our service covers the followings for you:

  • Air Conditioning – Regas, Service Air Repair.
  • Battery Sales & Testing.
  • Electronic Fuel Injection & Diagnosis.
  • Wiring inspection and replacement.
  • Mine-Spec Hazard Lighting & Alert Systems.
  • Reconditioned or new Alternators & Starter Motors, Sales & Repairs.
  • Light bulb inspection and replacement.
  • Troubleshooting tricky electrical faults.
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of your ABS brakes.
  • Alternative Repairs including Cav, Bosch Units, Delco, and Heavy Duty & Vintage Starter Motor.

Firstly, we check the voltage to ensure whether the battery is charging correctly. Then, we perform a load test and calculate the operational capacity. Finally, we measure and record the alternator output. The necessary actions will be taken according to the fault so. Call us for all the issues in your vehicle’s electrical system.