The electrical system and the battery are the core components of your vehicle. In other words, these are the parts that start your vehicle when you turn the ignition. Auto batteries and battery services we provide are world-class services; hence you can give the BEST for your car. Battery replacement, testing, and services are our expertise here. A quick tip: replacing the battery at the right time ensures the safety of the electrical system, and our affordable battery prices make it possible for you.

Auto Batteries & Battery Service

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Battery Replacement

At Guru Auto Services, our technicians will determine whether your current battery is out of date or not. And, if it is not performing within the manufacturer’s recommendations; we will replace it. Well, we don’t just install the new battery. Prior to installation, we test the starting/charging system components and the new battery too. Also, we perform another test once the new battery is installed.

Battery Terminal Cleaning

Dirty or corroded battery terminals are common causes of battery issues. Even a new battery may work inefficiently if its terminals are corroded; hence cleaning off it is essential. Our technician will not only remove corrosion for you; they spray an anti-corrosion spray to minimize future faults.

Battery Cable End Replacement

Same as when corroded battery terminals, damaged cable ends also can lead to battery and electrical system faults. We inspect and replace battery cables ends when necessary.