About Us

Guru Auto Services is a full-service vehicle service station that is capable of repairing and servicing any vehicle type from Japanese, European, to Local. Most auto service stations in VIC can provide only a limited number of services for you. But, we, as a full-service organization; provide you with over 11 services types. What are the top benefits of hiring us?

  • You can get all done under one roof.
  • A highly-trained-qualified team of technicians and mechanics will take care of your vehicle; hence you can have peace of mind. Your most-precious car is in safe hands.
  • Even though we are an organization that gives priority to quality over quantity, we are pretty affordable too. Which means you can have peace of mind about fixing your budget for regular repairs and vehicle maintenance.
  • Getting your car maintained and repaired by a recognized service station means you can resell the car at a high price.

As an auto service station, we give priority to customers’ convenience too, and which is why we have initiated a comprehensive mobile mechanic service. We will be there at your doorstep just after your call and confirmation. Our staff is our top strength; they have extensive knowledge of what they do and all vehicle and repair types.

Our Commitment
Sticking to manufacturers' standards and adding more value to your vehicle is our commitment. In other words, protecting the status of statutory new car warranty is what we focus here. To stick to our commitment; we use only quality parts, comply with the manufacturer’s specs, and well-qualified technicians and mechanics are employed.
Our Vision
Well, it is dead simple. A world-class service at affordable prices. Also, we work on revolutionizing the auto servicing trade by being at wherever you want us to be; at home, work or the office.

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