We Are Automotive Air Conditioning Experts In Melbourne.

Driving in your car in summer days with a malfunctioned AC? Well, it’s a nightmare for sure. At Guru Auto Services, we take care of the AC system of your vehicle completely; hence you can drive comfortably, no matter the season. On-site re-gassing and air conditioning service for your convenience. Our mobile crew will come to your premises and thoroughly inspect the AC system, rectify all the issues, and make your car a comfortable place to drive in this summer. Now, that is called convenience!

A/C Regas

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All services we provide under A/C Regas:

  • Rectify any electrical problems
  • Detect and repair leaks
  • Regas & Services at affordable rates (include the price.)
  • Retrofit to R134a refrigerant
  • Repair or replace the condenser
  • Climate control system repairs
  • Replace A/C pipes and TX valves

So, whenever you come across an issue related to the AC system or re-gassing, we are the top choice you got in Melbourne; our high-standard mobile crew service will come to your doorstep. Call us today for first-class mobile car air conditioning repairs and services!